Breaking (Some) Ground

So last Friday a pseudo-milestone in the build was accomplished. We broke some ground! I was having something mailed to my new address in Chattanooga and needed a mailbox put up quite quickly. So it was off to Lowes to ···

The Big Search for Tiny House Land

Every step of the way I assured myself that whatever I just accomplished was "the hardest part" of the process. I am slowly coming to realize that each milestone in the project is hard in it's own way. But man ···

Preliminary Build Plans

When I signed up for this extraordinary design challenge, I didn't know the tertiary skills I would be required to learn. The first of those skills being the overwhelming desire to 3D model my rudimentary floor plans. I would like ···

Who is Going to Build This Thing?

An Exercise in Google Searching When it comes to the tiny house movement there are two paths you can take to living tiny: taking the time to learn to build one yourself or hiring a contract/builder to build it ···

Where It All Began

The idea to build a tiny house was sparked from a Christmas conversation with Mom and Dad. Possibly over a Christmas Eve old-fashioned. As some of you may or may not know I currently live in Atlanta, but work in ···